Advantages and disadvantages of living as a digital nomad

Living as a digital nomad sometimes seems ideal, but it certainly also has some disadvantages. Are you curious whether it really is the best of both worlds (working and traveling), or the worst of both worlds (being unable to focus on both)? We explain a number of aspects in this blog.

The benefits of working remote:

1: Freedom

A common reason for people to work remote is so that they can travel full time. You are free to go wherever you want with an remote job. That provides a lot of variety and freedom.

  1. Inspiration

You work at many different locations and meet new people, so you have a lot of new inspiration. You are not in your regular routine and comfort zone.

  1. Productivity

Many digital nomads are more productive when traveling. Sounds crazy actually, but when you are traveling you have a good reason to continue working quickly, so you have time to visit beautiful places.

  1. Being your own boss

Because you decide which external jobs you take on and often work as a freelancer, you can focus on projects that inspire you. You can therefore also organize your own hours and determine how much you want to earn. So you have the opportunity to earn as much as you want.

It all sounds very good, but there are also disadvantages to life as a digital nomad. Curious? We mention a few of them:

The disadvantages of working remote:

  1. Poor Internet connection

Because you travel a lot and work online, you need internet. And that can be more difficult than you think. Sometimes there is a lack of WiFi at that one beautiful place in the jungle. Or the internet is so bad that you can’t get any further.

  1. Nostalgia and missing a place for yourself

Because you are constantly on the move, it sometimes happens that you are homesick or you miss a place you can call your own. Your trusted place and people. You live in different hotels, hostels and airbnb’s, but you have no house to furnish.

  1. Career issues

Not everyone understands why you are going to live as a digital nomad, and many people don’t even understand what it means. That you can only do your job with a laptop and WiFi and wherever you want will not make sense to everyone, and that can lead to many questions. Try to ignore people who ask when you are finally going to look for a normal job. always want to keep explaining it will only cost you a lot of time and effort.


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