How to become a digital nomad? The ultimate checklist.

To live as a digital nomad you have a lot of preparatory work to be done. You must have a good business plan for a remote job, learn new things and you have to arrange many formal matters. Decided that you want to work remote? Find out if you have arranged everything:

The basics:

☐ Develop a business model for your work as a digital nomad
☐ Make sure if you really want to work remote and read experiences of others
☐ Find, approach and agree with employers via
☐ Design and order your own business cards and website

Formal matters:

☐ Save enough money for your life as a digital nomad
☐ Cancel current job or at least announce the end
☐ Request and collect a new passport
☐Buy airline ticket(s)
☐ Request a visa or ESTA form
☐ Get and declare vaccinations
☐ Take out Digital Nomad insurance for care, travel, household effects and liability
☐ Apply for a new bank card and put it on global coverage
☐ Learn a new language
☐ Cancel rental of apartment
☐ Sell/throw or give away all your things
☐ Arrange storage for your stuff
☐ Collect international driver’s license
☐ Cancel all subscriptions (public transport card, TV, internet, gym, newspaper, etc.)
☐ Stop mobile provider and switch to prepaid for number portability
☐ Purchase travel items (backpack, locks, clothing, external hard drive, Lonely Planets, etc.)
☐ Empty the laptop, arrange the correct software on it and arrange cloud storage
And finally: pack your bags and go!

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