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Full time Part time Distansarbete Email Job
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Job Detail

  • Languages Swedish
  • Age requirements 18+
  • Qualifications Certificate

Job Description

Are you a Swedish native and would you like to work from home? At Distansarbete you can work as a freelancer, which means that you can work whenever you want and as much as you want. You can decide for yourself when you want your break and when you log on and off from work.

You work will consist of answering messages in chats. You will be paid by the amount of messages you send each week, but you have to set the limit on how much you want to earn.

Job requirements

Does the above sound like something you want to do? The training is quite simple and fast, everyone can join in. The only thing you need is an internet connection and 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time. After you have been taught, there will always be someone available for consultation or questions.

Once you have had your training and start working, you must send at least 200 messages a week, which is the requirement to work with Distansarbete. You will already be able to make about 50 messages per hour after the first week. A more experienced employee can make up to 100 messages per hour.

Payment details

  • Remote jobs offer the industry’s best payroll conditions. You will be paid per message and will be paid between €0,12 en €0,20 per message. You will receive a bonus when you work on the weekends or on holidays
  • With working this job it is realistic to earn between 5000 and 6000 kronen each month, which is about 500 to 600 euros. Distansarbete has employees that are earning up to 40.000 euros each month
  • The company is one of the few companies in Sweden that pays wages every week, with the requirement that you make at least 50 euros that week. If that’s not the case, your salary will be transferred to the next week
  • Distansarbete pays wages to employees worldwide through international bank transfer, or via Payoneer, which is a so-called E-Wallet, an electronic wallet where you can manage your salary.

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