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1 price, no fuzz.

Offering remote jobs should be easy. Candidates searching for specific remote jobs do not want to be confused. We give them and you a platform to trust.

One fixed price that covers it all!

€ 199

Standing out among companies hiring is as important as being a stand-out candidate. We help you to come in front of top remote talents!

What you'll get

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90 days live on our website
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Profile branded with logo and video
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No account/sign up needed
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Shared in the closed ORJ community
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Shared with the Talentroo vetted pool of talents
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Featured several times in our newsletter
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Heavy discounts if you have more than one job
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Personalised support

Why your job listing will be seen by thousands of screened candidates

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Only Remote Jobs newsletter

We have built our newsletter since 2018. It is growing every day. Currently, it goes out to 22,009 pre-screened professional job-seekers.

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Only Remote Jobs community

We have grown professional networks on social channels on all major social networks, reaching close to 10,000 (and growing) potential applicants.


The Talentroo network

The professional remote recruitment agency, Talentroo, has more than 100k candidates in their database. We have exclusive access to their ATS database.

Quick and easy remote job listing

Whether you have the job description ready or not, submitting your remote job listing is done in 4 steps.

  1. Position details. Fill in information about the remote position. If you have the job description in a PDF, you can upload it.
  2. Employer branding. Here you tell us about your company and provide info to your future employee to research your business.
  3. Contact details. Let us know who you are and how we can get in touch. If something is unclear, we might reach out to clarify.
  4. Pay one price. We do not have options and add-ons. We keep it simple and easy for you.
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What is included in a job listing

Listing on Only Remote Job (ORJ)

Your listing will be visible on our website for 90 days.

Added to ORJ newsletter

Our growing newsletter currently has 22,009 screened professionals.

Shared on the ORJ network

We have built several social channels and communities for job-seeking professionals.

Shared on Talentroo network

The network of the professional remote recruitment agency, Talentroo, is unique and far-reaching

Featured jobs

Get more eyes on your jobs with a featured post.

Discounts on multiple posts

We offer the internets best discounts if you have many jobs to post.

The power and support of a recruitment agency

Only Remote Jobs (ORJ) is powered by the professional recruitment agency Talentroo. This means a unique reach of properly vetted candidates.

  1. Talentroo daily receives CVs/resumes added to their ATS and talent pools. We have complete access.
  2. All candidates in their talent pool are pre-screened and verified.
  3. With your listing, you have priority access to work with the experienced talent solutions team from Talentroo.
  4. Talentroo works with several global companies working to help companies go and operate remotely, and you will gain access to discounts offered by these partners.
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Frequently asked questions

What happens when I have paid and submitted my listing?

We will receive your job listing to be manually reviewed by our team. We are looking for how you present the opportunity, that we have all the details needed, that it is accurate and that it is 100% remote (Hybrid roles are not allowed). We then go over the text in the job description to ensure that it is not discriminating against anyone (universal employment law) and that the position is not in a field of our inappropriate jobs (see list).

Then we will create the job ad and push it live. The time to go live is usually 3-5 days. Then, depending on your chosen reach solution, we will start distributing your job to the networks at our disposal.

Why was my listing not accepted?

We have a set of criteria that your job ad must include. They include:

- It must be 100% remote. Hybrid roles are not allowed
- An external link or email where they can apply
- The text must be in English
- It cannot discriminate against anyone
- The job must not be on our list of prohibited jobs we can list.

See the complete details in our guidelines.

What is your refund policy?

You are responsible for providing us with accurate information about the job you want to be listed. If your listing is not within our set criteria, we will not post the job, and we will not refund you. We can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Make sure that you know the posting guidelines and read them before posting.

How many will see my remote job listing?

It is impossible to say, but in our network, we have direct access to more than 100,000 potential candidates. How many visitors our website and partners get in a day fluctuates. But we know that the people who come to us looking for work are serious about finding a remote job.